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CEO of Creative Startups, Alice Loy, weighs in on post-covid changes to co-working centers

Creative Startups in Kuwait

The pandemic decimated co-working and incubation centers. Lively spaces where entrepreneurs and creators, startups and corporate innovators gathered became hollow halls dotted by empty desks. But the pandemic is slowing and economic engines — especially centers of innovation — are charged with re-fueling and revving up to help communities rise and recover.

This week on a call with a Creative Startups client, the director of a university incubation and co-working center, it occurred to me why the near death of these centers will be averted and…

Three KSA female-led startups win seed funding through Creative Startup’s pitch competition.

Muse Rawan Jewelry

Celebrating the end of their inaugural LABS pre-accelerator in Saudi Arabia (KSA), Creative Startups, in partnership with the U.S. Consulate General in Jeddah, OceanX, and AlMashtal, invited the ten participating women-led startups to pitch their businesses for the chance to win up to $5,000 in seed funding. Each business was given two minutes to demonstrate their startup’s value and viability to judges Ahmad Maqram of Vocally, an online platform meant to help musicians monetize their talent, and Rola Fayyad of Viavii, an online marketplace that enables travelers to…

In an era of growing Native leadership, such as the newly confirmed Secretary of Interior, Deb Haaland, we need to continue to celebrate Indigenous innovators and entrepreneurs, like Elizabeth Kirk of Kirk Jewelry!

Photo Credit: Ungelbah Davila-Shivers

Indigenous peoples are this continent’s original entrepreneurs, members of vibrant communities with centuries-old histories of trade and business. The creatives in Tribal lands laid the bedrock for their region’s culture and commerce, and, in the face of hurdles from geographical remoteness to discrimination and misrepresentation, each successful Native business is a celebration of resilience and strength. …

Creative Startups Welcomes Their Newest Accelerator Cohort of Women-Led Startups

Creative Startups, the world’s leading accelerator for creative entrepreneurs, welcomes a new cohort of women-led startups into their inaugural LABS pre-accelerator program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Created in partnership with OceanX, a leading provider of consultant services, and AlMashtal, a collaborative space for creative thinkers, and with funding support by the United States Consulate General in Jeddah, the five-week intensive accelerator guides founders to move their businesses toward substantial growth.

Out of over forty applicants, ten startups were chosen for the inaugural accelerator, representing a spectrum of…

Santa Fe’s Squash Blossom founder details how creative food distribution can simultaneously innovate and protect local farm traditions and food systems, even during a global crisis

A farmer holds basil leaves
Credit: Squash Blossom

With the rise of the local food movement, many of us are eager to eat at our communities’ farm to table restaurants, but we usually don’t think about the “to” in that description. We take for granted the complicated logistical process of relocating the food coming out of the field to a grocery store shelf or restaurant menu so it can eventually arrive at its final destination: your plate. …

The founders of Santa Fe’s treasured Opuntia Café pull back the curtain on how design and delight keep them in the black

A few masked people surround a counter to order food. A big koi pond is in the forefront surrounded by tropical and desert plants

Remember this? A cozy booth. Your laptop sits in front of you. Around you, quiet conversations buzz about as people join their friends at community tables or peruse a diverse menu of colorful dishes. Your favorite tea steams as you gather inspiration to tackle your new creative project. No matter where you are in the world, cafés have always been a hub for the creative community. …

Five Insights from Greg Thomsen, Renowned Founder and Mountaineer.

My conversation with legendary designer and creative entrepreneur Greg Thomsen about his track record in building outdoor recreation companies began on-point:

This is how I started: I was a climber.

In 1970 Greg Thomsen came back from an expedition to Mt. Everest and realized he needed a job. Being an avid outdoorsman and mountaineer, he looked for a job that would allow him to head into the Sierras whenever possible. …

Thanks Tech for great work done! For what comes next; you need creatives!

Dear Tech Entrepreneurs and all of you who tirelessly support them,

We are so grateful for everything you give to the world — social media platforms, exceptional gadgets, and new ways of experiences games, friendship, and — maybe — life itself. We know it has taken a lot of time, experiences in coding, manufacturing, and your creations of GUI is above and beyond. We urge you to keep going. But from now on; keep creatives in the loop! Creative entrepreneurs are not starving artists, they are the…

What’s the first thing you meet in a book? It’s not the first sentence. Chances are it’s not one of those awesome blurbs on the back telling you how great the book is. Nope — even in our contemporary age of the endless Amazon scroll, the first thing you meet on a book is the cover!

People tell you not to judge a book by this cover, but it’s hard not to. The cover is basically the face the book brings to the world. …

“Creative Economy Entrepreneurs: From Startup to Success”

How Entrepreneurs in the Creative Industries are Transforming the Global Economy

Creative Startups has big news: our Co-Founders, Alice Loy and Tom Aageson, wrote a book!

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