Thanks Tech for great work done! For what comes next; you need creatives!

Dear Tech Entrepreneurs and all of you who tirelessly support them,

We are so grateful for everything you give to the world — social media platforms, exceptional gadgets, and new ways of experiences games, friendship, and — maybe — life itself. We know it has taken a lot of time, experiences in coding, manufacturing, and your creations of GUI is above and beyond. We urge you to keep going. But from now on; keep creatives in the loop! Creative entrepreneurs are not starving artists, they are the new breed of entrepreneurs. Creatives have what it takes to bring all the amazing things you have built forward. How will they do it? We know how, because we know them! We spend a lot of time with creatives, all over the globe and we truly enjoyed the time spent. We design programs with them, for them, we have a network of mentors who “gets what creatives do” that are ready to get to work when creative entrepreneurs need support. We are amazed by the creative entrepreneurs’ drive for exploring, for thinking about what comes next, and to make it happen by — among other things — using tech. With support from us, creatives have grown and accelerated companies with a speed and trajectory that many — even in tech — would envy.

In our work with creative entrepreneurs, we are constantly amazed by their ability to “connect dots, that never before have been connected”, and thereby identifying value that has been hidden in plain sight. Let´s give three examples: Meow Wolf creating immersive experiences for anyone by blending tech with storytelling in a physical space. Or ViaVii, disrupting they way we travel. Or Native Realities that has built a profitable business by declaring that Native Americans need their own super-hero.

We have launched “DaVinci Ventures” to support creative entrepreneurs in the U.S. since we know that their companies too often are not recognised and appreciated by traditional VCs. VCs oversight is OK with us! Our ambition is to, with our early investments in creative entrepreneurs strengthening their value proposition so that either they never have to raise another round of investment or that other VCs will consider them as worthy investments later.

Again; a sincere thank you to all tech entrepreneurs and all of you that support them! We can´t do what we are doing without your ability to innovate! You make it possible. Hope we can work together to build even more resilient, sustainable companies recognised by a blend of tech and creatives solving the biggest of the problems in the world, making a huge impact on people and the planet.

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